Corporate Events

Looking to add  sparkle to your event?

Since moving to Singapore I have  sung at over 60 events- toured across Southeast Asia, The Middle East and North America.

Opening for Fareed Zakaria with my multi-sensory show Melt in Toronto for an audience for 10, 000 to performing at the Summer Solstice Festival at Stonehenge for 36, 000 have been highlight- and it’s only just begun.

My new record is entitled We’ve Only Just Begun  and is a loving dedication to The Carpenters.

In a time when everything is moving so fast We’ve Only Just Begun is the kind of album and show that is about enjoying the moment, reconnecting with a simpler time and celebrating hope for the future.

Since moving to Singapore in 2006, I have performed at many events large and small- toured across Southeast Asia, The Middle East and North American written and created a multimedia show Melt, sponsored by National Geographic/Lindblad expeditions and created her education program for children called Voices of the Future.

Connecting with people and facilitating warm and personal musical experiences is a passion and a privilege.


Please contact if you would like to enquire on how we can work together to make your event magic!!