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Since founding Discover Your Voice I have had the most incredible journey, collaborating with over 30 multi national companies in 10 countries!! If you are looking for a non-competitive fun Teambuilding activity please read more about DYV at ….we’d love to support your voice, your company voice and create team harmony with you!!

Bandcamp site it UP!!!!

Hello dear friends! My band camp site is up, come and take a peep!! This is such a efficient way of sharing music, possibly the most user friendly site I’ve ever encountered. To all my musician pals out there if you’re looking for a space of ease to sell your music and host your videps check out bandcamp!
Hope the world is treating you all well!!
Corinne x


Hello dear friends!!

Hope all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving had a wonderful celebration of gratitude.

This week I had the pleasure of meeting a kindergarten class and sharing “WOW” with them live!!
They all knew the song, which was so touching.

Here is a link for those of you who haven’t experienced “WOW”. This book was created to assist children to read through music. Patricia Koh was instrumental in making this dream a reality. You can find out more about Patricia at Pat continues to make a huge impact on Children’s education globally.

Have a superb week ahead and my every warm wish to you all for the coming holidays!

Corinne x

Wisdom 2.0 2015

Hi there dear friends, please read Rachel Bagby’s and my Wisdom 2.0 2015 People’s Stage Submission, Voicing Wisdom
Here’s the video we made for our submission – we just found out we are in the top 20 finalists! Please feel free to vote for us if you are attending the conference. Thankyou in advance, we value you your support!!!

We are all gifted with our own voice that is unique to us as individuals. When we join in vocal conversation—rooted in practices that help us tune in to our bodies, deep inquiries and insights—we become part of a greater, powerful voice.

Throughout history, the expressive arts have illuminated new awarenesses. We are co-creating this workshop to provide a poetic platform of contemplative singing, speaking, and listening so that participants discover the power of their unique voices to access, distill and express wisdom.

Both of us have had the pleasure of coaching people all over the world to access such power as we conduct vocal communities and facilitate co-created songs that express conference themes and company values. We invite you on this adventure of articulating your deepest insights, as we coach participants in naming their profound truths and expressing them in collaboratively produced, creative wisdom.

Concert this week in Singapore! December 5th!

Hello Everyone!
This week I am sharing the stage with my dear friend Kara Grainger, I can’t wait!
Kara and I have been friends for 20 years (hmm hmm we met as teenagers) and we have enjoyed collaborating frequently around the globe. Kara made a beautiful contribution to my latest album “We’ve Only Just Begun” which was recorded in LA.
That’s not all – I have a special guest star  joining us, Jade Then who I have been coaching for the past 3 years. Jade has an extraordinary gift and I am very proud to introduce you all to her and share the stage with this very talented young lady! She SINGS!!!
We’d love you to come and join us!! Please drop us an email if you can attend!
Event:  Club Acoustica with Corinne Gibbons and Kara Grainger 
            with special guest Jade Then

Date:  Friday 5th December

Venue: Timbre Music Academy Hall
             Second Floor above Barber Shop by Timbre 
             1 Parliament Lane 

Doors Open:  8.30 pm. Performance starts at 9.00pm (duration 1hr 15 min)

Tickets:  $45 which includes a glass of wine. 


Hello dear friends,

Happy Thanksgiving, may your celebrations bring you all closer together and may the shared good vibes filter beyond what you dreamed imaginable!

It’s been a while since I gave you an update and given that my updates are as rare as hen’s teeth, I’d love to share a new commitment I have made.

I am going to start using my MAILCHIMP again  and sending regular updates, ideas, discoveries, Voices of The Future progress, Touring updates,  amusing stories, creative mutterings, new song lyrics, recipes and sparks of life – the list goes on.

Please go to my contact page and join up if you are interested in receiving these updates!

I receive beautiful letters from so many of you each week asking what I am up to. Not a day goes by that I don’t feel grateful for all the extraordinary people I have in my life and the genuine  connections I am so generously gifted with. Truly it is astonishing how many people cross my path that I am inspired by.

I recently returned from a trip to the USA and had the good fortune or playing with my band (minus my friend Mike Shapiro who was on tour with Sergio Mendez, which is a fair excuse for missing a show with Jon, Leland and I) at The Harmony Gold Theatre in LA. It was such a wonderful shared moment and I was really pleased to work with my new pal Craig on the drums, Craig spends most of his time playing with the Goo Goo Dolls. Bunny Hull and I got to sing together again too, which was magic! I really admire the work Bunny is doing with her education program - this is a very special offering to communities that don’t usually have music programs within their schools. Bunny worked with some of my all time favorite musicians Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson!! It’s wonderful to send the elevator down to children and create positive creative foundations for them to rise confidently with their voices, song-writing, education and cultural connections. This program has wonderful facilitators and is supported partly by philanthropic investment. Have a read of the website and if this is a project you would like to support here is the link

I was asked to be an ambassador for a very special organization whilst I was in California and I am proud to be part of  this community and wholeheartedly support the work they are doing in offering education and support for the practice of grateful living as a global ethic.

I promise to be in touch more often, there is so many seeds that are sprouting at the moment and I value your input on how to best tend to the garden! Feel free to drop me a note if you have any insights ideas or updates of your own that you would like to share.

Time to sign off now, I’ll be back very soon :-)

Be well, be kind to each other.

Corinne  xo



Buy NOW for Christmas!!

We’ve Only Just Begun – OUT NOW!!!

OUT NOW!!!! Buy Hard Copies or go to iTunes!

Wishing All A Wonderful Lunar New Year

Love to see you at Fuse

Love to see you at Fuse on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday evening!

Please see details below:

The Space

Please go to The Space to check out exciting happenings in January 2013!

Please join me at Fuse, Marina Bay Sands

I will be performing at Marina Bay Sands from January to February 2013.

Come join us here at Fuse Bar!

Special moment shared with the Sea Gypsies

August 31, my mother and I traveled to Bintan to commemorate the passing of my sister Danielle with the Sea Gypsy people (Orang Laut). Bonchet kindly offered to do a special sea spirit ceremony in honor of Danielle. It was a touching experience and Mum and I felt very honored to share this with people so connected to the sea.

Free Song for Singapore! From 6 Aug to 12 Aug 2012

Happy National Day Singapore, please accept this gift with my warmest wishes.

Small on the Outside (mp3)

Big News Flash!

The Space has a brand new location- we are now located in Serangoon – please email if you want more details on the classes we offer for children.

For those of you who don’t know, Space stands for Singing Performance Appreciation Creative Environment. More information to come soon on upcoming workshops and Glee Clubs!

I have been working on a new song with my dear friend Kimka from Switzerland it’s called Dancing in a World of Kindness . Recently our words were read at an international conference for Women held in Israel. Kim has muscular dystrophy and is one of the bravest women I know. I met her when I worked with Phil and Orianne Collin’s charity called Little Dreams Foundation in Switzerland. It’s my privilege to be working with Kim she is such an inspiring ,talented young woman with an incredible spirit.

Here is a snipit from our song…..hope to record it very soon!

Dancing in a World of Kindness
copyright Kim Kneble and Corinne Gibbons

Du bout des lèvres (from the tip of the lips)
(with a smile) you can create the sweet dance

Du bout des lèvres (from the tip of the lips)
(with a smile) you can save a stranger from the darkness

Du bout des lèvres (from the tip of the lips) (with a smile) you can sow seeds of joy for ever
Du bout des lèvres (from the tip of the lips) (with a smile) you can dry the tears of all the world

Imagine how the world could be if I could see the light in you see the light in me

Imagine all the fear slips away and we are free to be humanity.
Dancing in a world of Kindness…..dancing in a world …….of Kindness

All the plans have come together superbly for the party of the year ready set go!!

This has been one of the most amazing events to work on and share in.
The Thomson Big Band played a stunning repetoire of swing music She Lah had the audience in stitches with her witty banter and sultry singing performance and I had the opportunity to sing Love is in the Air great song and so so So much fun to do a duet with She Lah

Here’s a few photo’s from the evening!


This month I am working on a HUGE event for two dear friends who are celebrating Life Love and Happiness and having a huge party in honour of the occasion. I am really excited to be working on this, 250 people will be treated to an amazing evening of music, laughs, good friends all in a stunning top secret location ….I’ll keep you posted.

Travelling to Nikoi on June 14th with Bojan, we are working with Heena and the Island Foundation which is my chosen charity to support. The people and the children are always so inspiring and it is such a pleasure working with Heena and Bojan. Heena has been doing an incredible job with the foundation – please checkout their website…Bojan has taken stunning photos of the people and our experiences on both Bintan (where the foundation is based) and on Nikoi he has such a wonderful eye!
It has to be said that Nikoi is one of my favorite places on earth……if you get the opportunity GO! Tell them I said hi ☺

May Update

Off to LA!!!

I love LA! So many fond memories of my time there recording and hanging out at Santa Monica in the late 90’s.
This trip I did a guest spot with my Dear pal Kara Grainger who is singing up a storm, thanks for the invitation Kara.

Off to Northern California to have some R and R and to prepare for some songwriting workshops that I will be co presenting with my friends Saul and Elena. California has to be one of the most beautiful places on the planet and spending time in the Sierra’s is a yearly pilgrimage for me. More on the workshops to come…
We, Saul and Elena and friends did a fundraising Benefit for a very talented aerial dancer who had an unfortunate accident and is now a paraplegic. The benefit raised a substantial amount of funds for Teresa and was a lovely gathering of generous community minded people.

A month has passed and now I’m homeward bound now for Singapore !!

April Update

It’s been a terrific month!!

We had our first semester concert and it was brilliant.

Hosted by one of our parents in their stunning black and white home we were all treated to original songs written by our students and then everyone joined together to perform a shop stopping rendition of Mean by Taylor Swift.

I feel very proud of all of you and I am looking fwd to our next concert come September 2012!

Travelled to KL to discuss presenting some workshops for children, went to a stunning new venue called Enfiniti…..can’t wait to come back KL!

Marina Bay Sands – Fuse Bar

I will be playing at Marina Bay Sands – Fuse Bar every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from July to August. See you there!

March Update

Wow what an amazing month! Time is passing like an arrow, no?

I’m so happy to be home in sunny Singapore after 2 months in Australia.

I have been invited to represent Singapore at The Earth Summit in Brazil 2012, it is the perfect platform for performing songs from my album MELT!! I am super excited to participate, keep you posted on latest updates!!

I have commenced working on my new album!! Yes it’s time. I will be posting snipits of my new songs up from time to time so please stay posted. I am really excited to be sharing the creative process with you all.

February Teambuilding
We had a wonderful time facilitating teambuilding for L’Oreal JRC event on Feb 29th you were all terrific!!

“Great team building session, a lot of fun and pleasure to sing all together, and discovering that YES WE CAN ! Corinne has many tips in her hand and such a big engaging smile that we naturally follow her”
Arnaud Trevisani Business Development General Manager Asia-Pacific L’Oreal

“Students are all back and writing some amazing songs working towards our upcoming concert in April!”
Here is a recent letter I received from one of my students parents.

“Through your calm tenderness and warm encouragement Gabriella is exuding confidence! We have watched her grow week by week, month by month. She sings with true passion which you have continued to feed by allowing her to be herself and develop her own individual style in both her song choice and song writing. Your lessons are fun and she thoroughly enjoys and looks forward to them. There is as much laughter as there is singing. You have a gift of making all your students feel very special indeed.

Thank you also for being so generous of spirit and sharing endless opportunities for them to sing. We are so blessed!”
Lucy Overtveld

The concert was truly wonderful – the choice of voice appropriate songs, the peppy songwriting & tunes & the beautiful singing!! The joy derived from the process was evident in the children’s faces!! Thanks so much for inspiring them.
Deepa Dsouza

Glee Club
Our Glee club has been meeting on Tuesday evenings in Feb and such a great combination of laughter and song ! We’ve covered the Police, Whitney and Nat King Cole so far and we have some wonderful songs to cover for the coming month of March. We next meet on March 27th – please drop an email to if you would like to join us, beginners to advanced, all welcome!
Please stay posted on my site – I am endeavoring to keep updates more frequent!!
We have some competitions coming up too, great prizes, stay tuned!! Please join out mailing list if you would like more regular updates go to my CONTACT page and subscribe!!

January Update!

It’s been a great start to the year, I’m on the road with two of my favorite Singer/Songwriters.

Kara Grainger

Chris E Thomas

Hope to see you on The North Coast of NSW this weekend!

MCI Teambuilding Event Dec 2011

Check out the link for Dreaming on the Outside….all funds raised from the sale of the song goes to Little Dreams Foundation.

Thanks MCI, Little Dreams and Dinemec Studios

Thoroughly enjoyed working with you all!

Island Foundation Fund Raising


One of the most joyful experiences of my year, working with the children from Berekit, more to come in 2012!

Telok Bakau

Wonderful group of children and terrific voices!

No Black Tie – Event

No Black Tie in KL November 12th and 13th.
Read the full interview here!