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Born in Australian, made in Singapore
Gibbons has a clear, expressive voice that keeps your attention. She knows how to tell a story.
One of the more innovative aspects of MELT is a separate DVD with the album’s songs set to breathtaking footage.
MELT … she’s really hit her stride.
Business Times

Audio visual treat!
The visuals are set to Gibbons’ soothing, captivating vocals. At the launch of the album … laughter and cheers.
The New Paper

Music has always had a close association with travel – both move us in different ways. Blend them together though and it can make a potent combination.
I went to the launch of Australian indie jazz/fusion artiste, Corinne Gibbons’ new album, MELT, recently and literally melted not only to her voice but to the images that’s been put together to accompany every song.

She’s got a voice that’s been aptly described as honey or chocolate – smooth and rich. Layered on top of the meaningful lyrics she’s written, each song takes you to a different place. She reminds me of a softer Joni Mitchell.

Perfect music to travel with, I reckon.
Siew Hoon Yeoh, Web in Travel / Transit Cafe

Overall, Melt is a refreshingly unprocessed album, full of meaningful lyrics that, when partnered with Corinne’s heartfelt singing, bring forth an emotional resonance. Teamed with the DVD’s complementary footage, the combination is a thought-provoking, sentimental moment reaching between the listener and herself.
If you’re looking for something to relax to, appreciate meaningful lyrics and that precious connection with the artiste that seems to hard to come around these days, do give MELT a try.
The Urban Wire

Letters from Fans

I actually was sitting in Changi a few weeks ago, listening to MELT. No lie, I listen to it like every day. I wanted to write you and tell you how much nearly every song on it touches me. It’s not just the beautiful music or your stunning vocals, but I find so much meaning in each song – or at least am relating it to where I am with certain aspects of my life right now. I seriously can just sit with my eyes closed, and see and feel you right there, and your voice goes straight to a very precious place inside me. Just want you to know how much your music touches me daily.
James (fan)

The MELT album is just gorgeous. We listened to it again today with some of the children from the building – it had them entranced … talking about global warming & what they are going to do to become better global warriors.

The album is truly beautiful & very soulful. You had me in tears – I really love it.
Catherine (fan)

A most wonderful showcase of the beautiful lyrics, music, voice and imagery that has culminated into the magic of MELT. I smiled, I cried, I beamed for you – and Jarrah was mesmerized, as we all were, by the beautiful images and your voice – singing the songs he is getting to know so well. Such joy! So intimate and warm! So wonderful! So Corinne!
Rhonni (fan)