Wisdom 2.0 2015

Hi there dear friends, please read Rachel Bagby’s and my Wisdom 2.0 2015 People’s Stage Submission, Voicing Wisdom
Here’s the video we made for our submission – we just found out we are in the top 20 finalists! Please feel free to vote for us if you are attending the conference. Thankyou in advance, we value you your support!!!

We are all gifted with our own voice that is unique to us as individuals. When we join in vocal conversation—rooted in practices that help us tune in to our bodies, deep inquiries and insights—we become part of a greater, powerful voice.

Throughout history, the expressive arts have illuminated new awarenesses. We are co-creating this workshop to provide a poetic platform of contemplative singing, speaking, and listening so that participants discover the power of their unique voices to access, distill and express wisdom.

Both of us have had the pleasure of coaching people all over the world to access such power as we conduct vocal communities and facilitate co-created songs that express conference themes and company values. We invite you on this adventure of articulating your deepest insights, as we coach participants in naming their profound truths and expressing them in collaboratively produced, creative wisdom.