Discover Your Voice

Every known culture on earth makes music. Singing is one instrument we are all gifted with.

Discover Your Voice assists organizations to find their collective groove through music. Why? To make a  fun, non-competitve offering that inspires joy in the work place. My hope? … that this can filter into better decisions being made inclusively.

I have had the pleasure of assisting over 40 companies to connect to their creative spirit through choral singing. I also facilitate teams to compose songs that state vision, values and victories depending on what the event, theme, desires or teambuilding needs are, it’s always fun!

Working with CSR departments is a strong connect for me. A highlight was working with the MCI (A Global Events Company) CSR team in Switzerland and co- composing a song for Phil and Orianne Collin’s charity for children “The Little Dreams Foundation”. This was performed with 1000 people.

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Corinne is a talented singer, songwriter and team building facilitator. We have worked with her for both client events and our own staff meetings and she has always been a delight to work with. Very professional and flexible. She has a great gift to write music and lyrics which have a strong fit to the theme of the event and the desired outcomes of her clients. She is an excellent choral director and her group singing events are a fun and energizing team building activity which help the participants build up confidence and discover their singing voices. I gladly recommend Corrine as she can make your event more personal and impactful.
Robin Lokerman,
President Asia & Americas MCI