Voices Of The Future

Singer, Songwriter and Composer Corinne Gibbons founded Voices of The Future in 2008. VOTF facilitates workshops for children from 7-16years that assist children to tune into their own creative wisdom. Focusing on singing and songwriting children are supported to keep a songwriting journel of their childhoods.

She has dedicated many hours to The Island Foundation and presented many workshops for thousands of children in schools for children in financially challenging situations. Working in these communities has been such a privilege. She has raised funds for many children’s charities including Phil Collin’s Charity Little Dreams Foundation, Caring for Cambodia and Tabitha.

In 2009 Corinne commenced a mentoring program for girls. These workshops are an invitation to appreciating your own voice and valuing how that voice can contribute in community. A collaborative song is written and performed at the end of every session.

VOTF have had the opportunity to perform at many events that Corinne has been invited to sing at including the Global Environmental Summit, The Spike awards and the opening of The Star in Singapore.

Corinne is a dedicated educator and has a loyal following for the VOTF program. Currently Corinne is working with some likeminded collaborators to bring this program to an online space.